Microgen’s products are developed, engineered and built in such a way that even under the most harsh conditions they deliver what you expect first and foremost: a trouble-free, maintenance-free, reliable functioning of the engine for at least 50,000 hours.

In 2010 Microgen brought a 50 Hz 1 kW electrical Stirling engine to the market. Since that time all engines together have logged around 200 million run hours. Over the years numerous improvements have been implemented, which have opted for longer reliability and durability of the Stirling.

Silnik Stirlinga
The base specifications
Maximum (modulating) electrical output 1050 W
Characteristics of electrical output nominal 230 V, min. 186 – max 264 V
Frequency 50 Hz or 60 Hz
Weight 49 kg
Dimensions 450 x 300 mm (H x D)
Noise at 1 meter without casing 52,5 dB
HNoise at 1 meter with standard casing 45 dB
Engine efficiency 26%
Design life 50 000 hours
Hermetically sealed maintenance-free

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