TSB 3000 - Thermal System For Biomass 3000

TSB 3000 - Thermal System for Biomass 3000 is an innovative solution that, depending on your needs and the configuration used, enables the production of: electricity (using a Stirling engine), thermal energy (with a boiler), cooling (absorption refrigerator). TSB 3000 can operate in on-grid, off-grid or micro-grid modes.

Water heating

The Stirling engine cooling system allows the use of waste heat to heat domestic water.

Grzanie wody


In developing countries, it is possible to add a cooker module that will allow food to be heat treated with hot air burners.

Space heating

The heat exchanger in the system allows the use of the generated thermal energy to heat the building.



Adding to the solution an absorption refrigerator powered by the heat will allow storing food, medicines and other items that require cooling.

Possible configurations

Thermal System for Biomass 3000 advantages

Różne rodzaje paliwa The TSB 3000 system is multi-fuel. Competitive solutions operate on one type of fuel. In addition to pellets, it also burns often wasted biofuels - e.g. grain husks, cow dung, wood chips, and other local ones.
Wysoka sprawność konwersji High efficiency of converting heat into electricity - about 10%
Efektywne spalanie Very efficient combustion – Emission at class V level according to PN-EN 303-5: 2012 and Ecodesign (CO ≤ 500 mg/Nm3, NOx ≤ 200 mg/Nm3, dust ≤ 40 mg/Mm3
Proste utrzymanie High Tech solution , but very easy to maintain and use
Szybki zwrot inwestycji Return on investment (ROI) even for 2 years depending on the fuel
Łatwa instalacja Easy installation anywhere 
Cichy Quiet – up to 50 dB (like a fridge)
Moc cieplna Thermal power 7.8/15.6 kW
Moc elektryczna Electric 1/2 kWe
Popiół jako nawóz Depending on the fuel, ash can be a high-quality fertilizer 
Modułowa konstrukcja Modular design